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Be Lean

How to Get the Body You Love
and Love the Body You Have

Romy Seleznov Nelson, MEd, DTR
ISBN 0-9759045-0-7
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This book is new approach to obtaining a healthy, lean body by Romy Seleznov Nelson, nutrition expert and personal trainer. First, there are easy-to-use tools for re-wiring old habits. This is the emotional aspect of loving your body so that your body learns to cooperate with your goals. Second, are the easy-to-follow nutrition plans to get lean and stay lean. This includes cheat meals! Lastly, but perhaps most important, the book addresses hidden environmental reasons many people struggle with weight issues in the first place. There is an in-depth discussion of chemicals, some that act like estrogens causing excessive weight gain, thyroid problems, and other negative health issues. This book is truly a holistic approach to eating and mind-body wellness.