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I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Romy Seleznov Nelson for all she did to help me maintain good health and weight loss.

In November 2000 I had double bypass heart surgery. After the surgery, my Cardiologist put me on Heart medication, Aceon and Zocor. Even though my LDL was 130, he wanted me to get my LDL down to 100. He told me that it was just a precaution due to the surgery.

Between November 2000 and April 2005 I got my LDL down to 100. However I was afraid that Zocor or Aceon would destroy my liver. In addition, my weight was quickly approaching 245. Even though my LDL was where he wanted it to be, he still wanted me to remain on the medication.

Then in early 2005, I enrolled in Romy's nutrition program. After 1 year, I lost 65 pounds, my LDL was at 85 and I no longer was on any heart medication.

It is my belief that had it not been for Romy's emphasis on natural nutritional supplements (i.e. Omega 3 fish oil, Vitamin C and D3) and her encouragement, I would still be helping the pharmaceutical industry stay rich.

During the last 4 years my lab tests have been consistently outstanding in all areas.

My last lab test resulted in:

Total Cholesterol
T. Chol/HDL Ratio


-Chuck, 70 years young

Romy is a wonderful nutritionist. To me, a 65-year-old, her advice is as good as gold. She has helped me lose over forty pounds and has helped me gain a new way to live. I love to keep my metabolism guessing with the lower calorie days and the cheat meals. It is amazing that I can actually have cookies or pizza or ice cream and still lose the weight. This also keeps me motivated as I work towards my goal. This program is a new way to live, not a 'diet'. Her motivation and her knowledge have helped me so much. Thanks, Romy!
-Helene, 65-years young

Romy and my workplace wellness program had a significant impact on my well-being and health over the last 4 years.

I have started exercising regularly, learned to weight train, learned to eat in a healthy way, lost 10 pounds, increased my vitamin supplements, and switched from a synthetic prescription drug to a natural one and felt better than ever! I am over 40 and I am in the best shape of my life.

With the help of the Romy's Program at my work, including a Holiday Weigh-in Contest, I was able to lose 10 lbs over the holidays. The program has also helped me understand how to eat healthier, exercise correctly, and know what vitamins to use to boost my health. I am grateful to have so many wellness opportunities at work.
-Sara, 26

Romy's program has helped me lose a total of 16 lbs and 13 of those lbs I have kept off for a year now. I have learned to make better food choices and to increase my protein. I also began taking natural supplements to improve my digestive health and health in general. I enjoy each session because I improve my health each time with either big changes or even little changes that eventually become a big change.
-Karina, 30

After consultations with Romy about nutrition, I added natural whey protein to my daily regimen. I began watching fat intake. Though I'm not much of an exercise guru, I started doing 15-minutes on the stepper (a small model I have at home) three or more times per week. I've only lost 9 pounds, but my cholesterol dropped from 297 to 234 in six weeks! Small changes had a big result!

"I do like to climb the mountains of Arizona. My husband and I attempted Humphrey's Peak. I did not make it but a few miles and wanted to turn back. The altitude really bothered me. I then started using Romy's plan. I was on it for a year, and we went back and tried Humphrey's Peak again, the highest mountain in Arizona. We finished. I not only lost weight, but I do not get as winded. We like to blame this on age but it is more likely what we are eating."
SAM, Arizona

"Romy, I have great news! Had my 3 month blood test and I am not a diabetic any longer. My ACL is 5.7 from 6.0. I just wanted to thank you for helping me learn to eat right and lose 10 pounds and 16 inches off in those 10 weeks we were together. I am still eating, but have maintained. I need to add more exercise to my routine. Thanks again!"
-Rae, Scottsdale Arizona

"I have dropped 40 inches all over, with only losing 6 lbs. of weight. I have more energy than before."
-Becky, Mesa Arizona

"I just want to say thanks, Romy. Thanks to you and your program, I have so far lost 72 lbs. You equipped me with the knowledge and information I desperately needed. I feel confident that I will continue to lose until I reach my goal weight, and with my new "weigh" of life, I'll keep the weight off. I feel I'm back in the game of life. Thanks again, Romy, for your help and support; I could not have done it without you, I wouldn't have."
-Kathie, age 42

"I have lost over 5 inches and I haven't even been as faithful to the nutrition plan as I should be. I have a ton more energy. I feel more creative with my food choices. I love that when I get hungry I am happy not sad. My metabolism is faster."
-Suzanne, Mesa

"I have a better attitude in life. I went from a size 14 to a 10. I have dropped 15 lbs."
-Karen, Mesa

"I have dropped 7 points in my body fat percentage and lost 10 lbs. My blood pressure is also down to 110 over 70 from 120 over 85."
-Pam, Phoenix

"I have never been on a program where I can eat this often and lose weight and inches and know that this is not just another diet. I have lost a clothes size and am working on another one. I have made a big change in my eating habits and have learned a lot about nutrition. I am making the 'Be Lean'™ program the way I choose to eat."
-Carolyn, Phoenix

"I have been on Romy's 'Be Lean'™ and daily fitness programs for a year and have achieved the following results:
Lost 50 pounds (239 to 189).
Waist size went from 45 to 36.
Body Mass Index (BMI) went from 35 to 21.0
Total Cholesterol 171 down to 143
HDL Cholesterol from 49 to 56
LDL Cholesterol from 97 to 71
Chol/HDL Ratio went from 3.5 to 2.6
Blood pressure has been consistent at 120 over 72.
Eliminated prescription blood pressure medication.

Romy's program is easy to follow and rewards you with personal success. All you need is the desire to lose weight, get healthy, and stay healthy. The amazing thing is that you can maintain your goal weight without having to change your diet once you reach your goal. It's great to hear people say, 'Chuck the more I see of you, the less I see of you'."
- Chuck of Mesa, 66 years-young.

"After 20 weeks of 'Be Lean'™, I have lost 12 inches and 14 lbs. My clothes fit much better and some are down right baggy on me. It has helped me get my diabetes under control. Following this way of eating is in line with what my doctor would like to see. I am now under the 150 target my doctor wants and I am taking better control of my readings. I do not seem as tired on a daily basis. I would usually go home and just die in my chair. Now I can go home and do some chores or go for that walk I should be taking."
-Jeanette, 57

"I have spent a lifetime trying to stay on the leading edge of nutrition and fitness information and have been amazed at how little I knew compared to what Romy has to offer. She is light years ahead and on the leading edge. Romy's class has provided me with incredible tools and focus to experience life-changing results. I have witnessed the way she has changed the nutrition/fitness culture in our company. Employees are influencing their families and friends' choices as well. More than losing 8 lbs, several percentages of body fat, and inches (slowly), Romy has given me an excellent approach and outlook to the way I eat, work out, and approach life for success.
There isn't anybody who wouldn't benefit from Romy's classes."
-Jody, Phoenix

"I'd like to say thank you for all you do! What you taught has stayed with me. I'm still eating better, exercising daily, losing weight, and I feel better everyday. "
-MJ, Phoenix

"I did not start eating lean until about half-way through my first 10 week session of 'BE LEAN'™. I am in my 4th week of my 3rd 'Be Lean'™ session and I have lost 6 inches & 8lbs. The thing I like about this new way of eating is that I can have "cheat days" and then go back to eating lean. When I see someone I have not seen for a while they say, 'You look like you are losing weight'. That is a great feeling. This is the first time I have ever felt that I would be able to eat this way the rest of my life. It's something I can definitely stick to."
-JoAnn, 42 years-old

"Before I read Romy's book, Be Lean, I was spending hours upon hours working out at a local gym. I thought I was eating in a healthy manner, yet, I was not losing much, if anybody fat. In just two months after reading Be Lean, I had lost over ten pounds of body fat and two inches around my waist. Not only did I learn how to better plan my meals, but I also learned how to structure my workouts. In my case, it was a matter of eating more consistently and actually spending LESS time at the gym. While Be Lean promotes a healthier eating plan, it does not lead to the frustrations of fad diets that seem to cause more harm than good. Not only has Romy's knowledge helped me, but it has allowed me to help others by sharing her message. My sister (37) has lost over 60 pounds and is down to a size 9; she was at least a 14 a year ago.
-Victor, 35

"We have tried and tried many diet programs throughout the years with little or no success. We felt as though some people were destined to be overweight all of their lives, and we were some of those people. Although trying to eat right, we never read food labels. We limited our meals to lunch and dinner and still could not lose weight. From the very first 'Be Lean'™ session, we knew that Romy's plan was different. It was about taking charge of your life, reading food labels, planning your meals, and eating not 2 times per day but 6 times per day. Both of us felt better, had more energy, and the pounds and inches started to fall off within the first 2 weeks totaling over 90 lbs for both of us to date. It was also fun to plan our weekly cheat meal. We continue with the program today and into the future; we only wish that we had started this years ago. I do not even think of reverting back to our old eating habits.

The best thing about the plan is that you do not need to spend a bunch of time in the gym to see results as moderate exercise is all that is required. We cannot say enough about how pleased we have been with Romy's 'Be Lean'™ program, and we would recommend it to everyone. Linda has even shared the plan with her younger sister in California who never lost the weight she gained after having children. It has only been a month and she has lost nearly 20 lbs. Romy's plan works, and it works for everyone who is willing to try."
-Brian and Linda, Glendale

"I have lost 12 lbs. and at least 8 inches. I can fit into smaller clothes. What is really important is the knowledge I've gained about nutrition. Knowing the right way to eat and trying to eat healthier has been the real benefit of your program. I believe anyone who takes the program will benefit from it."
-Janet, Phoenix