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Romy S Nelson

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Food and Fitness on the Go


  • Food choices for life-long health & permanent fat-loss.

  • Developing the mind-body connection.

  • Real-life Nutrition Strategies.

"Food & Fitness on the Go," perfect for your busy employees.
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Nutrition and Fitness Speaker -
Romy Delivers a Great Message For Health

Romy is a dynamic, informative and charismatic speaker who works with her clients to develop meaningful and entertaining speaking events. Her topics range from specific aspects of nutrition or fitness to broader topics relating to overall health and well-being.

As both a registered dietetic professional and certified personal trainer with over a decade experience, Romy is an author and speaker who will bring energy and humor while educating your event's participants. She makes sense of the nutrition research, making it user-friendly and realistic for hectic lifestyles.

Romy's goal is to make a difference in the quality of people's lives through speaking, writing, and the design and implementation of employee wellness programs. She competed in eight (8) fitness and figure shows, and appeared in over two dozen nutrition and fitness segments for television and hosts a health show available for download on iTunes.

Romy is the real deal. No dangerous diets, no fitness fads. Romy educates and motivates her audiences with authentic lifestyle changes that include clear steps one can begin implementing the same day of the presentation.

Romy presents at many venues, including conferences, professional organizations, corporate events, non-profit organizations, wellness programs, schools, colleges, and trade associations.

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"Romy is a living testimony to what she teaches; and she does it with a spirit of positivity."
-Steve, Phoenix

"After reading Romy's book, I was excited to attend her session at our conference - and she delivered. She presented the participants with a road map to health that they could take home with them and use right away. I only wish that we had more time to listen; her energy and knowledge really shined through."
- Luann, Rhode Island

"Your passion for, and knowledge about, the subject matter come through loud and clear in your presentations. Often times when you hear a presentation about health and nutrition, you feel like the presenter is just trying to sell something. Romy is different. It's clear that she is extremely knowledgeable, genuinely believes in what she's saying and sincerely wants to help her audience. It's as if she's found the secret and wants everyone to know!"
- Cliff, Peoria

"I can't express the gratitude for all the help you have given me after all these years and I continue to amaze myself with all that you have taught me in your presentations. Thank you so much!!"
- R.B., Scottsdale

"You do a great job of creating an environment where the participants are interactive and participate in your discussions."
- Daniel D., Phoenix

"Romy's presentations are by far our most requested. She is dynamic, interactive and extremely knowledgeable!
- Tiffany, CEO of The Back Rub Company

"Romy is an incredibly intelligent, talented and charismatic speaker."
- Lisa C.

Testimonials from Romy's Dynamic Presentations

"Exhilarating speaker! She is amazingly passionate when speaking, consequently infects her audience with hope, joy and a belief they can accomplish personal goals and life changes."
- Lisa W., Flagstaff

"Amazing content presented in the best most practical of truly made an impact on my health and wellness. Your presentation touched an aspect of life for everyone in the room. Being 'on the road' is no longer an excuse to eat poorly. Thank you!"
- Clarence, Windermere, FL

"Romy presents valuable, common sense information in an engaging manner. She connects with her audience through sharing her personal experiences and encouraging you to be your best. Her speaking style is warm, humorous and her energy is contagious.
- Nicole, Cave Creek

"You bring real education that is easy to apply to everyday life to the average person regarding food and fitness."
- Michelle, Illinois "Romy gives insightful, exciting, and knowledgeable presentations. Audiences are engaged the entire time!"
- Sara, Surprise