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Romy Seleznov Nelson, MEd., DTR

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Romy Seleznov Nelson, MEd., DTR

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What to eat at New Year's Parties - Dec 31, 2009

Body Fat & How it works - Nov, 2009

The Truth About Meal Replacements

Body fat and the Holidays

Let Food Improve Your Mood: What you Need to Know about Depression and Nutrition

How to Lose 1 Pound a Week!

Portion Control

The Best 10 Foods to Eat Every Week

How Romy's Client Lost 95 pounds in 1 year

Post-Holiday Food Coma

Food Logging: The #1 Weight Loss Tool

Organic Alcoholic Beverages

Metabolism Boosters

Strange, Powerful Foods You've Never Tried

Banish the Bloat

Sonoran Living 'Be Lean' Book Interview
How the mind-body connection and hormones are related to weight-loss

Nutrition Q &A Call-in Segment with Jan D'Atri:
Putting together the right program for both exercise and diet

Exercise Demo: Post-Pregnancy Abs
Great abs after baby, lose the baby fat!

'Be Lean' Book Interview, Channel 12
Boost your metabolism after 40 - The ins-and-outs of Nutrition, Hormones & Exercise

Food Portions Demo, Channel 12
portion control = calorie control = weight loss